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What would you rather do,Try other people's weapons,or eat cookies?

"It would be awesome to try out Blake’s weapon! I mean didn’t you see it fly around! AHH SO COOL!"

was your original headcanon of Ruby closer to the actual thing than you thought it'd be?

((Shockingly it is close, her childish part, and her cloak making her “teleport” or move around was right, and maybe on the honest part.))

if there was a button that would kill a random organism (eg. a bug, bird, mammal, anything really, it's all random), and after pressing it, you'd get an unlimited supply of cookies, would you press it

"Hnnnn hard question—BUT I’M NOT RISKING KILLING AN INNOCENT PERSON! So no, sadly."

oh it was back when you were asked to push a button, one kills me and the other does somin else...

"Ohhh… that button…well of course I wouldn’t push it! I wouldn’t want someone to die! It might have been someone important to someone…"

i played it alot but then i got hooked on smite :)

((Pff Smite looks interesting ; 7 ; ))

aaww little sis didn't push the button, i suppose im lucky? arent you curious about wich does what though?

"What button Yang? I don’t see a button!" 

((; 7 ;))

((Anyone of my followers play League of Legends?))

((Well the past—month me and my two best buddies has been playing LoL…a lot…and well I was wondering if any of my followers play it and—yeahh…so…yeah…whats ye summoners name…and..yeah…))

((Also sorry for my inactivity, LoL is too much fun to worry about other things))

"Beacon is cool and all…but…"

"But I think bacon is tastier~"
"…I think Yang was right, I need to be away from her for a while…."

There are two buttons in front of you. One kills Yang and the other kills Blake. Which one will you press?

"Uhh…I’ll… I HIT NONE!"

what's your summoner name?

((for the for the late reply

My summoner’s name is Bruni Bun ; v ; ))